Workshops List

1. Project Management: ACED 180 (CANDO).Registration fee required - Full day workshop
2. Matrimonial Real Property Toolkit (NALMA) 3 hour workshop
3. Stronger together: A toolkit for First Nations / Municipal community economic development partnerships (CANDO) 1.5 hour workshop
4. How to 'unlock' AANDC's pot of funding (AANDC) 1.5 hour workshop
5. First Nation Projects and the Environmental Review Process (AANDC) 1.5 hour workshop
6. Developing a Community Land Code (AANDC & LABRC) 1.5 hour workshop
7. Discussion: the impact of CANDO and the Aboriginal Economic Developer Certification Program (CANDO) 1.5 hour workshop
8. Making Money On Reserve Through Commercial Leasing (AANDC) 1.5 hour workshop
9. Natural Resource Management on First Nations Reserve Lands and the AANDC Permitting Process (AANDC) 1.5 hour workshop
10. Project Financing: the application and assessment process (ANTCO, TACC, VanCity, BDC) 1.5 hour workshop
11. Individual Training: online tools for land management 30 minute individual training sessions (AANDC) 30 minutes individual learning
12. Additions to Reserves 101 (NALMA and AANDC) 3 hour workshop
13. Aboriginal Economic Development: Strategic planning to implementation "how it all fits together"(CANDO) 3 hour workshop
14.  Establishing a First Nations Economic Development Corporation (AFOA-BC) 3 hour workshop
15. Comprehensive Community Planning and the Mentorship Initiative (AANDC) 1.5 hour workshop
16. Business Plan Bootcamp: Just the Basics (Ch'nook) 3 hour workshop
17. Working with Professional Engineers (APEGBC) 1.5 hour workshop
18. Designations Training (NALMA) 3 hour workshop
19. Navigating today's investment markets for financial management (Ch'nook) 1.5 hour workshop
20. Leases and Permits Training- Professional Development (NALMA) Registration fee required. Full day workshop
21. Benefits of Joining a Lands Association (NALMA & BCALM & FNA4LM) 1.5 hour workshop
One-to-One meetings with AANDC program staff. By appointment. 30 minutes
One-to-one meetings with Links to Learning presenters. By appointment. 20 minutes
BC Economic Atlas Presentation. Drop in. 10 minutes