Developing a Community Land Code: The First Nations Land Management Initiative

Presenting organization: Lands Advisory Board Resource Centre

The Lands Advisory Board Resource Centre provides support to First Nations in developing land codes, laws and land management systems.


Under the First Nation Land Management Initiative, a community Land Code replaces 32 sections of the Indian Act. It includes the power to create land laws, resolve disputes, and conduct land-related business such as lease management, enforcement, and individual lands. Attend this session to gain an understanding of what it takes to create a Land Code for your community.

What Participants will learn by attending

  • The Developmental Phase
  • Overview of the parts of a Land Code
  • How the Land Code comes into force
  • What resources are available to communities
  • Best practices for community consultation


John Makson, Manager, West, Lands Advisory Board Resource Centre.

John Makson is Manager, West, at the Lands Advisory Board Resource Centre, providing developmental and operational support services to First Nations.

Sheila Craig, Manager, Lands Modernization, AANDC

Sheila Craig is the Manager of the Lands Modernization unit at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, supporting initiatives such as First Nation Land Management and First Nations Commercial and Industrial Development Act.