Leases and Permits Training (Professional Development Course)

Presenting organization: National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association

The National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA) is a technical organization dedicated to raising professional standards in First Nations Lands Management.

Seesion length 6 hours

Fee: $150


An introduction to leasing and issuing permits on reserve lands. Learn about the key elements of the Indian Act that govern leasing and permits, relevant court decisions, land regimes, and roles and responsibilities of the First Nation.

What Participants will learn by attending

  • The main characteristics of a lease and a permit, and identify the appropriate use of each instrument;
  • Follow a designation process and appreciate the role of each participating agency and partner;
  • Appreciate the role and responsibility of First Nation land management staff and governments;
  • Identify the main elements to attain sustainable development; and
  • Learn how the provisions of the Indian Act and relevant court decisions apply to leasing and permitting.

Professional Development: This course can be applied towards contact hours for the Professional Lands Management Certification Program (PLMCP). Contact NALMA for more information (


Debra Campbell, Master Instructor, PLMCP

Presenter Biographies:

Debra Campbell is a member of the Musqueam Indian Band, a Coast Salish Community located in Vancouver, BC. She received her post-secondary education at a number of colleges, universities and professional institutions. Debra is dedicated to advocating and advancing First Nation land and environment management, and economic development across Canada through work with various federal and provincial departments and agencies, First Nation organizations and private business. For the past 10 years Debra has worked with the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association as the Master Instructor for the Professional Lands Management Certification Program.