Natural Resource Management on First Nations Reserve Lands and AANDC’s Permitting Process

Presenting organization: AANDC

Working together to make Canada a better place for Aboriginal and northern people and communities.

Session length 1.5 hours


Do you have merchantable timber or sand and gravel on your reserve? Did you know you need a permit to sell it off reserve? Come to AANDC’s natural resources permitting process workshop to learn more about how you can obtain a permit and what your requirements are.

What Participants will learn by attending

  • The Natural Resource Regulations governing the timber removal and sand and gravel extraction on reserve lands.
  • AANDC’s permitting process


Kathleen Kerr, Natural Resource Specialist, AANDC

Chris Pretty, Natural Resource Specialist, AANDC

Kathleen Kerr and Chris Pretty are Natural Resources Specialist with AANDC’s Lands and Economic Development Directorate. Kathy has worked for the Public Service of Canada for over 25 years and Chris has been with AANDC since 2000.