Project Management ACED 180


Presenting organization: Cando

Cando is a national Aboriginal organization involved in community economic development. We build capacity which strengthens Aboriginal economies by providing programs and services to Economic Development Officers.

Session length 6 hours classroom, plus online assignments over the period December 16 – January 29.


ACED 180-Project Management is a 3-credit course delivered by Nicola Valley Institute of Technology that examines project management from a First Nations perspective, using models based on First Nations community projects. Experiential processes supplement theories for an introductory approach to managing projects, including finances, planning, scheduling and problem-solving. This course is targeted for those who are employed and/or have administrative experience. In addition to the classroom time, participants will be required to successfully complete online assignments over the period December 16 to January 29 in order to obtain credit.

What Participants will learn by attending

  • define what a project is;
  • resolve project budget issues;
  • control project work situations;
  • use project negotiation skills;
  • resolve differences within a project; and
  • effectively close out a project.

Registration fee: $150

Information about accreditation:

NVIT’s ACED 180-Project Management course is a 3-credit course. NVIT’s ACED program fulfills the 16 competencies of Cando’s technician status, upon completion of the 2nd year, students have the option to apply for technician status with Cando. In addition to the Diploma and Cando Certification, the Diploma ladders into a Bachelor of General Studies Degree from Simon Fraser University. ACED courses are transferable to various universities either course by course or by block through a 3rd year business management at University of Lethbridge. For specific transferability details check the BC Transfer Guide.


Peter Leech, MBA

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology

Presenter Biography

Peter Leech is a member of the T’it’q’et Community Village of the St’at’imc Tribal Nation, who specializes in working with First Nations communities and organizations, public and private sector companies, individuals, teams and young adults (i.e. youth) in all aspects of life. Peter is self-employed and currently owns and operates three registered businesses within a defined partnership.

You can find out further information about Peter and his businesses at