Aboriginal Economic Development: Strategic Planning to Implementation

Presenting organization: Cando

Cando is a national Aboriginal organization involved in community economic development. We build capacity which strengthens Aboriginal economies by providing programs and services to Economic Development Officers. www.edo.ca

Session length 3 hours


This workshop will review the principles and concepts that have positive impacts on strategic economic development planning (SEDP) in First Nations communities, including the key elements of the strategic plan; the implementation of the plan and how to move from planning to action and the role of the EDO as a key participant in the various phases of both the planning and implementation process. Participants will learn about the development of corporation governance structure.

What Participants will learn by attending

  • SEDP Overview: ‘The basics of strategic economic development planning’
  • The SEDP process:
  • Key elements of the strategic plan and how they relate
  • Sample implementation methods/tools
  • Key implementation participants
  • How the elements above are interconnected with one another via the SEDP.


Terry Coyes, Principal, Coyes & Associates

Presenter Biography

Terry Coyes, Principal Consultant, possesses a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Alberta, has obtained a Certified International Trade Professional designation from the Forum for International Trade Training, and maintains CANDO’s Technician & Professional Level Aboriginal Economic Developer (AED) Certifications. Terry operates Coyes & Associates, an independent, Aboriginal-owned consultancy located in Edmonton, Alberta, that was established in 1997 & has enjoyed 18 years of successful operation.