Additions to Reserve 101

Presenting organizations: AANDC, National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association

  • Working together to make Canada a better place for Aboriginal and northern people and communities.
  • The National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA) is a technical organization dedicated to raising professional standards in First Nations Lands Management.

Session length 3 hours


This workshop will provide basic technical training on the Addition to Reserve / New Reserve Creation (ATR) process, including how to initiate and process an ATR in the timeliest manner. There will be an introduction to NALMA’s Additions to Reserve Toolkit. The workshop will also include time for Questions and Answers.

What Participants will learn by attending

  • Information on the key requirements in the existing and in the proposed new ATR policy and process
  • Step-by step training to initiate and implement an ATR
  • Hints and tips to help expedite the ATR process
  • Case studies/examples of ATRs completed successfully


Patrick Crowther, Land Management and Leasing Officer, AANDC

Bradley Evers, Land Management and Leasing Officer, AANDC

Leona Irons, Executive Director, National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association

Presenter Biographies

Patrick Crowther and Bradley Evers have worked in the lands department of AANDC BC Region for several years and have been involved in and completed many complex Additions to Reserve. Bradley Evers has also been BC Region’s representative in dealing with policy and process issues related to ATRs both regionally and nationally and has participated in many workshop and working groups on the subject. Prior to joining AANDC, both Bradley and Patrick were lawyers.

Leona Irons is the Executive Director for the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA) since inception. She has over 30 years’ experience in First Nation lands management. As NALMA Executive Director, she participated on the Assembly of First Nations/AANDC ATR Joint Working group. The Joint Working Group was responsible for the current ATR & RC policy renovation. Leona was instrumental in arranging for the development of an ATR Toolkit. The ATR Toolkit was used in the training of 145 First Nations across Canada.