On-line tools for land management: Individual Training

Presenting organization: AANDC

Working together to make Canada a better place for Aboriginal and northern people and communities. www.aandc.gc.ca

Session length: 30 minutes


Meet with your own personal trainer! Bring your questions and get hands-on experience using internet-based tools for reserve lands, such as: the Indian Lands Registry System (ILRS), the Electronic Registry Index Plan (eRIP), Natural Resources Canada’s Map Browser, Survey Plan Search and the Canada Lands Survey Plan Overlay for GoogleEarth. A laptop will be provided.

What Participants will learn by attending:

Based on individual learning needs, participants may learn how to:

  • Find maps and images of reserve lands using GoogleEarth, Map Browser, eRIP
  • Look up survey plans with NRCan’s Plan Search
  • Find copies of registered documents in the ILRS, such as Band Council Resolutions (BCRs), leases, transfers
  • Create reports for individual lots and entire reserves with the ILRS


Iris Michael, Individual Land Holdings Specialist, AANDC

Edit Benecs, Survey & Lands Records Officer, AANDC

Colleen Walton, Individual Land Holdings Specialist, AANDC

Presenter Biographies:

Iris Michael is an Individual Land Holdings Specialist with Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada’s BC Region and works with approximately 40 First Nations. She provides information on legislation, policy and resources; conducts personalized training sessions, and undertakes in-depth research and analysis on a variety of complex land holding issues. Iris also prepares land status reports for individual land holdings transactions, such as: transfers, allotments, estate transfers and sales, and requests for replacement of title.

Edit Benecs is a Survey and Lands Records Officer at Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada’s BC Region office. Edit has worked in the Lands directorate for almost 15 years; since 2004 as a Survey & Lands Records Officer. In addition to processing survey requests, Edit provides training to external and internal clients in the use of the Indian Lands Registry and in conducting land encumbrance checks. She also provides assistance to clients in land status verification (title searches) and in accessing survey plans and reference plans of Indian reserves.

Colleen Walton is an Individual Land Holdings Specialist with Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada’s BC Region. She has many years of experience working on reserve land holdings issues. She engages in investigations and analysis of land status and makes recommendations to resolve complex and historic lands issues. She provides support to more than 40 First Nations, and regularly provides training sessions.