Why Clean Energy Makes Sense to First Nations

Presenting organizations:

Clean Energy Association of BC – to promote the development of clean and renewable energy projects in BC

Workshop/Learning Session Title:

“Why Clean Energy Makes Sense to First Nations”

Session length: Three (3) hours


Come hear about the latest developments and opportunities for clean energy developments in BC and how First Nations can participate.

While protecting the environment, a clean energy project could represent a legacy infrastructure development that will create jobs and most importantly stable revenue for First Nations.

What participants will learn by attending?

Steps in getting a project developed

Role of a First Nation

Current opportunities in BC


Paul Kariya and Bryan Macleod, Clean Energy Association of BC. 

Presenter Biographies

Paul Kariya is Executive Director of the Clean Energy Association.  He has a long background working in First Nation economic development from his days at INAC to Fisheries Renewal BC to private consulting working for First Nations.

Bryan MacLeod is Manager of Clean Energy Operations and Business Development.  He has extensive experience working on industrial, energy, and environment topics.