ACED 230 - Venture Development

Presenting organizations: Cando & NVIT

Cando is a national Aboriginal organization involved in community economic development. We build capacity which strengthens Aboriginal economies by providing programs and services to Economic Development Officers.

Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (NVIT) is a full independent member of BC’s public post-secondary education system with legislated authority to grant its own course credits and transcripts. NVIT offers innovative, relevant credentials for future First Nation leaders in the fields of Wellness, Governance, Land and Economic Development.

Session length: 6 hours in a classroom setting, plus online assignments over the period December 16 - January 29.


ACED 230 is a 3-credit course that introduces students to the field of “entrepreneurship”. Students examine the concepts, activities and new ways to meet the needs and demands of entrepreneurs. The course examines these themes:

  • Characteristics of the entrepreneur
  • Family businesses
  • Home-based businesses
  • New product design
  • Business plan
  • Franchising and other alternatives

There will be a focus on opportunities for entrepreneurial development in Aboriginal communities facing challenges such as: downsizing, restructuring, information and communication technologies and globalization.

Registration fee: $150

Information about accreditation

NVIT’s ACED 230-Venture Development course is a 3-credit course. NVIT’s ACED program fulfills the 11 competencies of Cando’s Technician status, upon completion of the 2nd year, students have the option to become Certified by Cando. In addition to the Diploma and Cando Certification, the Diploma ladders into a Bachelor of General Studies Degree from Simon Fraser University. ACED courses are transferable to various universities either course by course or by block through a 3rd year business management at University of Lethbridge. For specific transferability details check the BC Transfer Guide.

Morgan Bamford, MBA, TAED
NVIT Contract Instructor

Presenter Biography

Morgan Bamford is an instructor with Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, teaching ACED 230 (Venture Development II). Outside of this work, Morgan is an Indigenous Relations Consultant with the City of Edmonton, connecting Indigenous communities and urban organizations to city resources and supporting city departments with their work involving Indigenous peoples. His area of focus is community economic development, and one main priority is improved collaboration between the City and adjacent First Nations.

Morgan holds an MBA in Community Economic Development (First Nations option) from Cape Breton University and a Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies from the University of Alberta. He is a Cando-certified Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED). Morgan has held several roles working in Aboriginal Community Economic Development, including with Alberta Indigenous Relations Economic Development Unit and with Cando as the Program Coordinator of the First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) during its pilot phase.