Best Practices in Hiring and Retaining Consultants

Often cheapest price gets mistaken for best value.  The cheapest price is not appropriate when selecting professional services because bidding is not on equal footing. Factors such as qualifications, quality, innovation, respect for intellectual property, flexibility, etc. varies dramatically and is not included in the price. 

The concept of value to hiring consulting services is the theme of this workshop.  There is a Best Practice for hiring professional firms.  This workshop will benefit Administrators, technical staff members, finance staff, and Chief and Councils by presenting various ways to procure professional services.  Examples include: Request for Proposal; Qualification Based Selection; etc. and various evaluation formats such as Terms of Reference and formal interviews.  This workshop will highlight each method, the advantages/disadvantages of each method, and when best to apply. 

What Participants will learn by attending:

  • How to search, hire, and retain talented professional services
  • How to save time in preparing Proposals
  • Examples of Best practices for retaining consultants
  • Examples of Qualification Based Selection templates
  • Examples of Contracts for Professional Services templates


TBD – Urban Systems

TBD – First Nation community

TBD – First Nation community