Commercial Leasing

Presenting organization: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)

Working together to make Canada a better place for Aboriginal and northern people and communities.


An interactive workshop that will provide participants with an overview of the various components of a commercial lease and “uncomplicate” a complicated process by providing tips for completion.

What Participants will learn by attending

  • Key sections of the commercial lease that require negotiation 
  • Tools and resources for completing a commercial lease
  • Additional documents required for execution of a commercial lease


Adina Chang, Land Management and Leasing Officer, INAC


Petula Maxwell, Land Management and Leasing Officer, INAC


Brian Kinzie, Regional Socio-Economic Advisor, INAC

604- 396-5561

Presenter Biographies

Adina Chang has been at INAC BC Region since 2009.  She has a background in development planning and has worked with Bands on lands modernization initiatives such as First Nations Land Management and Land Use Planning.  In May 2016, she joined the Economics Development team as a Land Management and Leasing Officer.

Petula Maxwell is a Land Management and Leasing Officer with INAC in BC Region. She is a member of the Nak’azdli Whut’en, and belongs to the Lhts’umuyoo (beaver) clan. Petula has been at INAC since 2003 in various roles, including her current role since March 2014.

Brian Kinzie is a Socio-Economic Advisor with INAC in BC Region. He has been at INAC since 2005, both in the Alberta and British Columbia regional offices, supporting communities through a range of lands modernization initiatives.