Going Global – What You Need to Know

Presenting organization:  International Inter-Tribal Trade and Investment Organization



The Canada United States Free Trade Agreement in the 1980’s, the north American Free Trade Agreement in the 1990’s and now the Transpacific Partnership, along with more than 30 other international trade agreements currently in the process of being finalized with Canada, have made this country a significant and growing player in the world of international trade.

Indigenous nations in Canada need to look at their options for participating in the world economy. International inter-tribal trade is rapidly developing as a global option and a step in the right direction for indigenous nations. This workshop will provide you with an introduction into the world of global inter-tribal trade.

What Participants will learn by attending

  • Current status of Inter-tribal trade in Canada
  • Future opportunities to participate in global inter-tribal trade


Wayne D. Garnons-Williams, Chair International Inter-tribal Trade and Investment Organization, Senior Lawyer & Principal Director, Garwill Law Professional Corporation

Presenter Biography

Wayne is the founding Chair of the International Inter-Tribal Trade and Investment Organization (IITIO). He is Senior Lawyer and Principal Director of Garwill Law Professional Corp. that offers litigation, ADR and corporate commercial services with a particular interest in Aboriginal law, Customs, Excise and International Trade law.

Wayne was born on the Moosomin First Nation, Treaty 6 territory in Saskatchewan and has been practicing law for 25 years.  He has gained litigation and ADR experience in most federal boards and tribunals, the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal as well as the Superior and Appeal Courts of Ontario and British Columbia and the International Trade Tribunal.