BC Economic Atlas Demonstration


Presenting organization: British Columbia Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training


Link to BC Economic Atlas: www.gov.bc.ca/economicatlas

Session length: 15- minute one-to-one sessions


Learn how to use the free BC Economic Atlas to collect information about your territory.  These 10-minute hands-on demos will help you learn how to access BC’s repository of geographic information.

What Participants will learn by attending:

  • explore the BC provincial repository of geographic information
  • review crown tenure information in relation to your traditional territory
  • analyze and report on First Nation Consultation Area Database information
  • upload your own data to a create a map, create spreadsheets and perform analysis.


Dan Hirner

Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training


Luke Galimberti

Economic Development Analyst, Minstry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training


Dan Hirner is a Senior Policy Analyst with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism, and Skills Training – Economic Development Division, Cross-Sector Initiatives Branch (Vancouver).  He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography and Certificate in Spatial Information Systems from Simon Fraser University as well as an Associate Certificate in Leadership from the BC Institute of Technology.

Luke Galimberti has spent the last eight years with the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training working in the Economic Development division.  Luke holds a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communications from Royal Roads University, and his work currently focuses on supporting First Nations economic development through the Aboriginal Business and Investment Council.