Environmental Assessment 101: What is it and When do you need one

Presenting Organization: INAC Environment and Natural Resources Unit


Whether your community is thinking about developing a Land Use Plan or designating/developing lands, or remediating a contaminated site, you will always have to consider the environmental conditions of your land. In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of the basic concepts of what is an environmental assessment, why do you need one, and what environmental (and social/economic) values do you need to consider for successfully planning, managing and developing your lands.

Participants will Learn

  • • What is an Environmental Assessment (looking at the past, present and future condition of your lands)
    • The importance of establishing a baseline for your site
  • Why you need to understand the condition of your lands
  • What are examples of environmental values and how do you know you have any


Ashley Smith
Environmental Specialist, INAC
Denise Falconer
Environmental Specialist, INAC

Presenter Biographies

Ashley Smith is an Environmental Specialist with INAC’s Environment and Natural Resources Unit. She has a Master’s in Environment and Natural Resources and Planning; her professional background includes consulting on Environmental Assessment, Visual Landscape Inventories, Species at Risk Assessment and Environmental Policy.

Denise Falconer is a graduate in Applied Biology from Simon Fraser University. She has worked as an Environmental Assessment Officer with INAC and has contributed to Land Use Planning capacity building efforts, as well as auditing INAC’s contaminated sites inventory.