First Nations Good Governance for Corporate and Nation Rebuilding Leaders

Sponsor Organization CANDO

Session length 1.5 hours


This workshop will explore:

  • What good governance means for Development Corporations & Nation Rebuilding Leaders;
  • The importance of revitalizing customary governance laws, practices (shared leadership systems vs. imposed hierarchical systems and values based leadership);
  • The limits of Development Corporation legal incorporation templates and options as Community Contribution Companies (C3);
  • First Nations Policy Governance as a best practice, and assembly processes that maximize traditional shared leadership systems;
  • The role of leadership in building organizational capacity, and aligning organizational development, accountability;
  • The foundational role that Good Governance has to support social and economic development; and
  • The evolutionary needs of First Nations good governance.

Participants will:

  • Understand what good governance is defined as;
  • Understand traditional shared leadership systems and values;
  • Understand how good governance applies to Development Corporations and First Nations Governments;
  • Understand First Nations Policy Governance Models and best practices;
  • Understand Assembly Processes and citizen/constituent engagement;
  • Understand the role of leaders to build organizational capacity and align organizational efficiencies;
  • Understand the benefits of good governance; and
  • Understand the evolutionary needs of First Nations good governance.


Laara Yaghujaanas
Principal, Carden Consulting
(604) 988-9500

Presenter Biography

Laara Yaghujaanas, M.A., owns and operates Carden Consulting, which she established in 1997. Laara is from the yaghu ‘jaanas clan of the Haida Nation, and carries her great grandmothers name “Kun G aadaas”. Laara is committed to effecting positive change for the benefit of future generations, and has strong values of respect, integrity, excellence and community responsibility.

Ms. Yaghujaanas holds a Masters Degree from Royal Roads University, was awarded the Royal Roads University Founders Award, has completed the Justice Institute Conflict Resolution and Negotiation course, is a CTT Certified Consultant (Level 2), is a member of the Council of Native Development Officers (CANDO), is a member of the New Relationship Trust EDST Team, and is listed on the Business Development Bank of Canada’s Aboriginal Consultant roster. During her twenty years of service some notable projects Laara has undertaken include: assisted in developing Aboriginal Business Centers across BC; Aboriginal Business Excellence training for the BDC, ABSN BC; First Nations Governance and Leadership Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma for NVIT and the Naut'sa Mawt Tribal Council.

A key component of Laara’s work has been the purposeful planning to enhance the capacity, and self-determination of Aboriginal peoples, through community owned research and tools. This indigenous methodology and approach has proven successful in supporting the self-determination of Aboriginal peoples, communities, organizations, and Nations throughout BC, whom Laara serves. First Nations and First Nation Development Corporations from across BC, including the Tsilhqot’in National Government who won the internationally acclaimed Aboriginal title have worked with Carden Consulting to advance their organizations and communities.