First Nations Projects and the Environmental Review Process

Presenting Organization: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)

Session Length 1.5 hours


This workshop will allow participants to become familiar with INAC’s Environmental Review Process and the type of triggers that initiate the need for an Environmental Review for projects on reserve. A suite of tools will be made available to group which will include a discussion of how they are applied to projects.

The workshop will be interactive and include a case study where participants will use the tools to work through a project. A First Nations guest speaker will describe an example of using the system and how to expedite information capture for projects. This will also include an example of how to utilize INAC’s Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS).

Participants will Learn

  • How to initiate a project
  • What information is required by proponent’s consultants, AANDC Environmental Specialists and other regulatory agencies.
  • The available project tools and their appropriate use.


Elizabeth Kovics
Senior Environmental Specialist, INAC
Ashley Smith
Environmental Specialist, INAC

Presenter Biographies

Elizabeth Kovics is a Senior Environmental Specialist with INAC’s Lands and Economic Development Directorate. She has worked for the Public Service of Canada for 2.5 years and has a background in consulting and project management.

Ashley Smith is an Environmental Specialist with INAC’s Environment and Natural Resources Unit. She has a Master’s in Environment and Natural Resources Planning; her professional background includes consulting on Environmental Assessment, and Visual Landscape Inventories, conducting Species at Risk Assessment with Environment Canada and Environmental Policy.