Steps First Nations Can Take to Start a Clean Energy Project in BC

Sponsor Organization: Clean Energy Association of BC


If a First Nation is thinking about doing a clean energy project in their community, to get off diesel, or to become energy independent, or to cut back costs on paying electricity bill, or for economic development, this workshop will take you through the process of looking for determining what kind of clean energy, siting the project, looking for money to do project, doing the pre-assessment to determine viability of project and steps to project management.

What Participants will Learn

  • How do you decide on the kind of clean energy project in your territory
  • Finding the right location
  • What is the pre-feasibility/assessment that should be done before going ahead with a project
  • Preparing for regulatory/permitting phase.


Judith Sayers
Director, Clean Energy BC

Presenter Biography

Judith has been involved in the Clean Energy industry since 2002 when her First Nation developed the 6.5 MW China Creek Run of the River project. Judith authored the First Nations Clean Energy Toolkit, Clean Energy Strategy paper. Judith has served over 6 years on the Clean Energy BC board and has been the Chair of the First Nations Committee. Judith was named to Canada’s 2016 Clean50 as a contributor to Clean Capitalism. In 2015 Judith was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from Clean Energy BC.