ADMN 150 Leadership and Problem Solving

Credits: 3 (Equivalent to Cando’s Competency # 3 “Governance & Leadership”)

Sponsor Organization: CANDO

Session length: 7 hours in a classroom setting, plus online assignments over the period December 16 - January 29.


This course is an introduction to the contemporary theories of leadership styles, problem solving, conflict resolution techniques and decision-making processes that come into play in Aboriginal Communities. The course will also explore the various traditional First Nation Leadership styles that are coming back into play in Aboriginal Communities. This course provides an opportunity to learn experience, develop, and enhance the participant’s knowledge and skills that are necessary to become effective Aboriginal community leaders and community workers.

Participants will Learn

Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

  • identify and define the various contemporary leadership qualities;
  • demonstrate an ability to use the problem-solving cycle, mediation and conflict resolution methodologies to resolve group conflict and decision making, to understand group dynamics;
  • demonstrate how to apply the 7 habits of highly effective people; and
  • demonstrate how to apply the principles centered approach (PCL) to leadership.


Morgan Bamford
Nicola Valley Institute of Technologies (NVIT)

Presenter Biography

Morgan Bamford is at Links to Learning as a contract instructor with Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, teaching ADMIN 150 (Leadership and Problem Solving). Outside of this work, Morgan is an Indigenous Relations Consultant with the City of Edmonton, connecting Indigenous communities and urban organizations to city resources and supporting city departments with their work impacting and involving Indigenous peoples. His areas of focus are community economic development and First Nation/municipal collaboration.

Morgan holds an MBA in Community Economic Development (First Nations specialization) from Cape Breton University and a Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies from the University of Alberta. He is a Cando-certified Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED). Morgan has held several roles working in Aboriginal Community Economic Development, including with Alberta Indigenous Relations and with Cando as the Program Coordinator of the First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) during its pilot phase.