Updating INAC’s “Lands Management Manual”

Sponsor Organization: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)


INAC is currently in the process of updating its Lands Management Manual. Since its last update, there have been major legislative and policy changes that affect how reserve and designated land is managed. In addition to incorporating this new information, INAC is significantly reorganizing the manual to make to it more user-friendly and address the needs of a broader audience than its current focus on INAC Land Officers. Policies and Procedures are being split into two separate physical manuals. Policies are being organized by activity (e.g., Agricultural uses) rather than instrument type (e.g., Permit, Leases, Certificates of Possession), and Procedures are being organized chronologically (i.e. in the order you would undertake a transaction). In addition to the two physical manuals, a website is being contemplated with the extensive use of hyperlinks to allow users to quickly navigate between related policy and procedural information.

What Participants will Learn

  • How the manual is being modified to respond to major legislative and policy changes.
  • How the manual is being reorganized to make INAC’s Reserve Land policies and procedures both clearer and easier to navigate.
  • How you can provide input.


Karl Comete
Joan Holmes & Associates, Inc.
7 Hinton Avenue North, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON K1Y4P1
Debra Campbell
BA, Public Admin & Governance; PAED Master Instructor, PLMCP
National Aboriginal Lands Manager

Presenter Biographies

Karl Comete is a Senior Project Manager & Analyst at the historical research firm Joan Holmes and Associates. Karl has played a leading role in research projects concerning pre- and post-Confederation treaties and surrenders, the Constitution Act and the Indian Act, timber rights, sub-surface rights, water rights, education policy, historic and contemporary flooding grievances, housing issues, expropriations for railway and roads, and other topics. He is currently assisting INAC in updating its Lands Management Manual.

Debra Campbell is a member of the Musqueam Indian Band, a Coast Salish Community located in Vancouver. Debra is dedicated to advocating and advancing First Nation land and environment management, and economic development through work with various federal and provincial departments and agencies, First Nation organizations and private business. For the past 10 years Debra has worked with the National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association as the Master Instructor for the Professional Lands Management Certification Program.