12 Things You Should Know for Successful Economic Development

Sponsor Organization: British Columbia Economic Development Association


Economic development is the process of building strong, adaptive economies. Strategies driven by local assets and realities, a diverse industry base and a commitment to equality of opportunity and sustainable practices have emerged as those that will ensure a strong foundation for long-term stability and growth. Even within the parameters of these principles, what constitutes success in economic development and the specific strategies to accomplish it will look different from place to place. However, based on input and listening sessions with economic development professionals there are certain absolutes that will lead to economic development success. This workshop will cover the 12 things you need to know.

Participants will Learn

  • The 12 things that economic development leaders, practitioners and stakeholders should know for successful economic development


Dale Wheeldon
President and CEO, BC Economic Development Association
Colleen Bond
Partner, EDCD Consulting

Presenter Biographies

Dale Wheeldon has 26 years of economic development experience and is the CEO of the BC Economic Development Association and one of the founding partners of EDCD Consulting.  Starting out as in economic development in a rural BC community he then moved to Chilliwack where he worked to make Chilliwack one of the leading economic development communities in BC. He is in demand as a speaker with a presentation style combining humour with simplicity for understanding complex issues.

Colleen Bond is a certified Economic Developer with 24 years of economic development experience. She has extensive knowledge in building economic development programs for business retention and expansion, business attraction and foreign investment attraction.  Colleen has worked from grassroots to government organizations in a variety of community development and capacity building roles earning awards along with way.  Colleen co-founded EDCD Consulting to provide consulting services to economic development agencies at all levels of government.