Developing your International Intertribal Trade Opportunities

Sponsor Organization: CANDO


Inter-tribal and international trade for indigenous businesses looks promising, and aboriginal businesses are poised to benefit. As indigenous land claims continue to be settled with greater resource stewardship in Indigenous hands and as tribes are seeking investment advantages such as establishing Foreign Trade Zones and International Inter-tribal investment, there is tremendous opportunity for economic development for native peoples and for the communities and businesses with whom they come in contact. International inter-tribal trade is rapidly developing as a global option and a step in the right direction for Indigenous nations. This workshop will provide you with an introduction into the world of International Inter-tribal trade.

Participants will Learn

  • Trends in inter-tribal and international trade by indigenous businesses
  • How your community and aboriginal-owned businesses can benefit from these new trading partners
  • Sharing of best practices amongst tribes on how to develop better trade relationships


Wayne D. Garnons-Williams
Chair International Inter-tribal Trade and Investment Organization, Senior Lawyer & Principal Director, Garwill Law Professional Corporation

Presenter Biography

Wayne is Plains Cree Indian, the founding President of International Inter-tribal Trade Organization, Senior Lawyer and Principal Director of the law firm Garwill Law Professional Corporation specializing in Tribal Economic Development, as well as Chair of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Appeal Tribunal. He is a board member of Three Feather Corporation, owned by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne. He is past-Chair of the National Council for Aboriginal Federal Employees and is an active member in the Indigenous Bar Association, the Canadian Bar Association, and the Canadian Council on Aboriginal Business.