First Nations Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI)

Presenting Organization Cando

Session Length 1.5 hours


The First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Initiative (CEDI) is a joint initiative between Cando (Council for the Advancement of Native Development Officers) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) that enhances the capacity of participating First Nations and adjacent municipalities to engage in joint community economic development planning and initiatives.

Participants will Learn

The First Nation - Municipal CEDI Workshop will provide an introduction to the CEDI program, followed by an overview of the Stronger Together Toolkit, culminating in small-group dialogue. Participants will be invited to work with the Stronger Together tools in their community context, increasing the opportunity to learn from one another’s experiences working with First Nation-Municipal collaboration. The CEDI team will also provide information on external financial resources available for communities hoping to engage in joint community economic development. There will be time made for dialogue, connections and questions. For more information on CEDI, please visit:


Marissa Lawrence
CEDI Senior Program Officer, Cando

Tanya Tourangeau
CEDI Coordinator, Cando

Presenter Biographies

Marissa Lawrence joins Cando as the Senior Program Officer, CEDI, Western Region with a rich background of designing and convening community-bridging intercultural dialogue and educational programming.

Over the past few years, Marissa worked with Reconciliation Canada, where at a senior management level worked directly with municipalities and First Nations on jointly-led reconciliation and relationship-building initiatives. Marissa understands the complexities of reconciliation and right relations between Indigenous peoples and all Canadians, and with this is compelled to work towards increased education, reciprocal and respectful relationships and the reduction of barriers, towards the creation of equitable opportunities for all peoples.

Tanya Tourangeau joins the Cando family as the Program Coordinator, CEDI, Western Region from the GNWT; a strategic specialist, she has successfully contributed to government-wide initiatives, ensuring alignment with government and department business goals and strategies.

As an adult educator developing Business Administration programs tailored to Indigenous Entrepreneurs for over 10 years, she has the ability to transfer knowledge effectively and instill motivation and confidence in the learner.

Tanya has achieved Land Management Certification and has a strong background in continuous improvement methodologies, change management, project management, and ICT initiatives.