Additions to Reserve - Reserve Creation 101

Presenting organization: Indigenous Services Canada


This workshop will provide an overview of the Additions to Reserve / Reserve Creation (ATR) Policy Directive and basic technical training on the ATR process, including how to initiate and process an ATR in the timeliest manner. There will be an introduction to NALMA’s Additions to Reserve Toolkit. The workshop will also include time for questions and answers. 

What Participants will learn

  • Information on the key requirements in the 2016 ATR policy directive and process
  • Step-by-step training to initiate and implement an ATR
  • Hints and tips to help expedite the ATR process
  • Case studies/examples of ATRs completed successfully


Theresa Marion & Chelsea Cameron 

Presenter Biographies  

Theresa Marion has been a Senior Officer working on additions to reserve for the last four years on projects from complex reserve creations involving multiple bands, to more straightforward additions to reserve returning small pieces of land to reserve. Theresa has worked in Lands for Indigenous Services Canada in BC Region for over 12 years; before joining the ATR group, she was responsible for registering instruments such as leases, permits, and easements, in the Indian Land Registry System.

Chelsea Cameron joined Indigenous Services Canada in 2014 after relocating to British Columbia from Ontario. She is currently supporting the Lands and Economic Development sector and works as a Senior Lands Officer to advance Indigenous rights to self-determination by assisting First Nations in their pursuit of adding lands to their communities.