Additions to Reserve - Reserve Creation 201 -The Big Three: Consultation, Third Party Interests & Local Government

Presenting organization: Indigenous Services Canada


This workshop will provide advanced training on the Additions to Reserve/Reserve Creation process, including First Nations’ roles in consultation and accommodation, addressing third party interests, and securing buy-in from local governments. The workshop will also include time for questions and answers.

What Participants will learn

  • ATR workshop that focuses on consultation, third party interests and local governments
  • Tips for managing and resolving issues of mutual interests


Magali Perreault & Peter Walker

Presenter Biographies  

Magali has been the ATR Project Manager for Indigenous Services Canada in BC Region for almost two years, after holding other positions with the Department since 2008. As the ATR Project Manager, Magali works with First Nations to advance and complete ATR files involving a variety of third parties such as local governments and private companies. Magali oversees ATR projects in BC and helps to develop tools and materials to make this process more efficient and transparent. Since the new ATR Policy was released in 2016, she has been involved in providing training opportunities to communities across the Province.


Peter joined Indigenous Services Canada in 2012 and has worked as a Lands Officer with the ATR team in BC Region for the past year and a half.  He supports and assists with the completion of Additions to Reserve (ATR) projects by gathering key supporting documentation, creating maps that illustrate where targeted ATR lands are in relation to surrounding interests, and summarizing project activities.