Land Governance under the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management

Presenting Organization

First Nation Land Management Resource Centre / Indigenous Services Canada

Workshop Description

The Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management is a First Nation’s driven process that has resulted in First Nations across Canada building their own Land Governance structures and capacity to take back the control and decision-making of their reserve lands.  With 81 First Nations in Canada who are already implementing their own land laws, another 85 who are currently developing a Land Code for community approval, and the over 50 on the waitlist, that is 1 in 3 First Nations across Canada who are actively involved.

First Nations have achieved this significant goal through the development of their own Land Code, Lands Act or Land Law and by ultimately gaining community approval. A First Nation’s Land Code outlines their powers of jurisdiction and authority and provides for the administrative structures to strike a balance between the development, conservation and protection of their reserve lands, that is rooted in community-based priorities. 

Join our team in discussing the basic elements of Land Code development and considerations for creating a community engagement strategy that will work for your community!

What Participants will learn by attending

By attending this introductory workshop participants:

  • will receive an overview of Lands Governance under the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management;
  • can ask questions of the organizations who provide direct support to First Nations in doing this important work;
  • will develop a basic understanding of the steps involved in developing a Land Code and conducting a ratification vote, and
  • understand the support services dedicated to training, mentoring & professional development that is provided by the Resource Centre.


Val Sam, Manager Fraser Valley Support Services

Angie Derrickson, Training, Mentoring & Professional Development

Patrick Crowther, Special Initiatives Officer, Indigenous Services Canada

Patti Wight, Manager BC Support Services

Presenter Biographies

The First Nation Land Management Resource Centre (FNLM RC) is an indigenous service delivery organization that fulfills the Lands Advisory Board’s technical and administrative responsibilities under the Framework Agreement on FNLM. Some of the Resource Centre’s functions include:

  • developing model land codes, laws and land management systems;
  • developing model agreements for use between First Nations and other authorities and institutions, including public utilities and private organizations;
  • on request of a First Nation, assisting the First Nation in developing and implementing its land code, laws, land management systems and environmental assessment and protection regimes, assisting a verifier when requested by the verifier;
  • establishing a resource centre, curricula and training programs for managers and others who perform functions pursuant to a land code;
  • on request of a First Nation encountering difficulties relating to the management of its First Nation lands, helping the First Nation in obtaining the expertise necessary to resolve the difficulty;
  • proposing regulations for First Nation land registration.