Cannabis: What You Need to Know about the Law to Make the Most of Cannabis Legalization for Your First Nation (repeat)

Presenting Organization: Cando


Many First Nations seek opportunity to develop in the emerging legalized cannabis market. Many First Nations want to know how to better protect themselves and their communities in the face of legalization. This session will cover just what the new Cannabis regulations mean, how First Nations can protect themselves, and what legal considerations they can make to benefit from the economic opportunities afforded.

What Participants will learn by attending

The current state of the law, the legal issues to be wary of when considering business opportunities, and how First Nations can control and shape the development of cannabis businesses on their lands.


Kenji Tokawa

Presenter Biography

Kenji Tokawa is a lawyer specializing in serving First Nations’ governments at the law firm of Donovan & Company. He is based in Vancouver, BC. He advises First Nations on the impacts of the new Cannabis regulations and works with First Nations to build laws to deal with those impacts. He also assists clients with rights and title matters, Specific Claims, land code and land management, membership issues, elections, and impact-benefits agreements. 604-688-4272,