Economic Development 201: Accessing ISC Funding to Transform Economic Development Plans into Reality

Presenting organization: Indigenous Services Canada, Lands and Economic Development, Economic Development Unit


This workshop is targeted towards Economic Development Managers and Land Managers whose Nations have completed community economic development plans and/or land strategies, have identified opportunities, and are looking at ways to transform those ideas into realities.

In this workshop you will learn about Indigenous Services Canada’s Community Opportunities Readiness Program (CORP) and how the program can provide assistance to convert those identified opportunities into a reality.

This workshop will be presented by representatives from Indigenous Services Canada’s Economic Development Unit in partnership/coordination with a First Nation (TBD). This First Nation (TBD) will provide insight on how they have utilized CORP to advance economic development in their communities.

What Participants will learn

  • What the Community Opportunities Readiness Program (CORP) is,
  • What the differences are between the CORP Regional and National processes,
  • How to fill out the statements of intent and applications for both the Regional and National processes.
  • When the application, and reporting, due dates for the program are
  • How communities can utilize this programing to advance their economic development and land management opportunities. 


  • Indigenous Services Canada – Economic Development Unit