Strategic Planning - The Roadmap to Successful Organizations 

Presenting Organization: Cando


“An organization without a strategy is like a ship without a rudder - It’s just going in circles” 

Participants will be introduced to the Strategic Planning Process and its key components (Mission/Vision/Values/SWOT Analysis, Setting Strategic Goals and Objectives). Strategic Planning sets the strategic direction for the organization and is crucial to organizational success. 

What Participants will learn

Using an interactive approach, participants will work in teams to understand the importance of having a strong strategic plan and how that can contribute to a successful organization.

The session will conclude with an interactive question and answer period where participants can share their Strategic Planning questions and challenges. 


This workshop session is being presented by Ken Tourand, President/CEO of the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology and Angela Wesley, Partner in Wes-Can Advisory Services.

Presenter Biographies

Angela Wesley is a partner in Wes-Can Advisory Services. Since 1992 she has provided advisory and facilitation services to First Nations and other governments throughout British Columbia in the areas of strategic planning, land management, community development, communications, community engagement, and governance capacity building and development.

A highlight of Angela’s career over the past 25 years has been her role as an active participant on the team that worked to negotiate and ratify the Maa-nulth Treaty resulting in her own First Nation (Huu-ay-aht) and 4 others becoming self-governing as of April 2011. She continues to participate in actively implementing the treaty with Huu-ay-aht and serves as the Maa-nulth representative on the tripartite implementation committee with BC and Canada representatives. Angela has also been invited to share her experiences with other First Nations in British Columbia, as well as nationally and internationally.

Angela serves as Speaker (Legislative Chairperson) for the Huu-ay-aht First Nations Legislature and Annual People’s Assemblies. She has been the Board Chair/President for the Huu-ay-aht First Nations Group of Businesses (Fisheries, Forestry, Gravel, Hospitality, Lands, Management, Market) since 2012 and continues to actively serve on various committees for her Nation. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Royal British Columbia Museum, a Director for the New Relationship Trust, the Land Title & Survey Authority of BC and the Toquaht Holdings Boards, and served on the Board of Governors for the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology for 7-1/2 years as an Executive Committee member and as Chair.

Ken Tourand is the President of the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. Ken started at NVIT in 1995 as a faculty member and after holding a number of administrative positions, became President/CEO of NVIT in October 2010. Ken holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree and a Master of Arts Degree in Leadership and Training.

Ken is passionate about Aboriginal Education. Ken has presented at many conferences and roundtables regarding Aboriginal Education and the unique role that NVIT plays in meeting the needs of Aboriginal students and Aboriginal communities. Ken has served on many Boards and is the past Chair of the Indigenous Advisory Committee for College and Institutes Canada. Ken was instrumental in creating the National Indigenous Protocol for Canadian post-secondary institutions.

Ken has instructed courses in Strategic Planning and Board Governance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Project Management for both NVIT and Simon Fraser University. 

Ken has been working with the Huu-ay-aht Group of Businesses Operating Board and the community Futures Development Corporation of Central Interior First Nations on strategic planning, board governance and policy development.

Together Angela and Ken have created Strategic Plans for both NVIT and the Huu-ay-aht Group of Businesses as well as having recently taught a course on Strategic Planning and Board Governance for Community Futures Development Corporation for Central Interior First Nations.