Designation Process - from Common Band Land to Leasing

Presenting Organization
National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA)

This session is for First Nations who are operating under the Indian Act for Land Management. For leases to be issued on Common Band lands, the lands need to be designated. This session gives a brief outline to the process.

Objectives of Workshop - Designation Process for Band Lands:• Review brief summary of Lands legislation• Introduce Designation Toolkit• Review steps in Designation process

What Participants will Learn by Attending 
Participants will receive a brief overview of the Designation Process for First Nations who are operating under the Indian Act. A flowchart outlining the steps outlined in the NALMA Designations Toolkit will be provided to participants.

Darrell Loyer

Presenter Biography
Darrell is a Lands consultant working with First Nations on various projects. He is a certified NALMA Lands Instructor and has been instrumental in delivering the NALMA Designation Toolkit and the NALMA Additions to Reserve/Reserve Creation Toolkit. In his former life, Darrell was a Land Management Officer in the Alberta Region, and prior to that taught on reserve. Darrell lives northwest of Edmonton.