Expanding Your Reserve Land Base: Additions to Reserve / Reserve Creation

Presenting Organization
National Aboriginal Lands Managers Association (NALMA)

How do you add land to reserve? The “new” ATR/RC policy (July 2016) will be presented. A brief introduction to the NALMA ATR/RC Toolkit and the ATR process will be discussed.

What Participants will Learn by Attending
Participants will receive a brief overview of the ATR/RC Toolkit developed by NALMA. A flowchart outlining the ATR/RC process (from the Toolkit) will also be provided to participants.

Darrell Loyer

Presenter Biography
Darrell is a Lands consultant working with First Nations on various projects. He is a certified NALMA Lands Instructor and has been instrumental in delivering the NALMA Designation Toolkit and the NALMA Additions to Reserve/Reserve Creation Toolkit. In his former life, Darrell was a Land Management Officer in the Alberta Region, and prior to that taught on reserve. Darrell lives northwest of Edmonton.