Land Governance Under the Framework Agreement of First Nation Land Management



The Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management is a First Nation’s driven process which has resulted in First Nations across Canada building their own Land Governance structures and capacity to take back the control and decision-making of over their reserve lands. The Framework Agreement on First Nation Lands Management celebrates its 25th anniversary this year! Over 150 First Nations have become signatories to the Framework Agreement. First Nations have achieved this significant goal through the development of their own Land Code, Lands Act or Land Law and by ultimately gaining approval of the members.  A First Nation’s Land Code: is rooted in community-based priorities; outlines their powers of jurisdiction and authority; and provides for the administrative structures to strike a balance between the development, conservation and protection of their reserve lands. Join the Resource Centre and Indigenous Services Canada in discussing the basic elements of Land Code development and for a highlight of the supports and resources that are available and that may work for your community!”



  • Jean MacDonald, ISC
  • Bonnie Arden, First Nation Land Management Resource Centre
  • Angie Derrickson, LABRC