Climate Change

Presenting Organization: NALMA


This 3-hour Climate Change Workshop will introduce you to the topics of climate, climate change, how climate change impacts Indigenous peoples, the use of traditional knowledge in climate change assessments, and how Indigenous communities are managing and adapting to the impacts of climate change. The workshop will explore how the climate is changing and how it is impacting Indigenous communities, their traditions and exercising of their rights. You will participate in an interactive exercise focusing on climate vulnerability identification, and adaptation planning using a two-eyed seeing approach to combine western and Indigenous knowledge to manage the impacts of climate change. We will also discuss some practical approaches that can be applied within your own communities.

The Workshop will be broken down into three broad topic areas:

  1. Introduction to Climate and Climate Change, including the western and Indigenous perspective.
  2. Climate Change Assessments and ways to measure impacts.
  3. Interactive exercise including presentation of practical approaches to managing Climate Change impacts for Indigenous Communities


  • Julie DiCicco


Speaker Bio

Julie is a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) with a Master in Applied Sciences (M.A.Sc.) who is passionate about delivering quality projects and programs that have positive impacts on the lives of Indigenous communities and people. Specifically, Julie is focused on climate change adaptation and resilience, water system improvements, asset and housing management initiatives, as well as economic development. She is a highly experienced professional engineer who specifically develops innovative solutions for Indigenous communities to help them face the challenges related to climate change impacts, housing issues and water and wastewater management. Julie has continued to deliver high quality solutions for her Indigenous communities and clients throughout Atlantic Canada and Nationally.