Procurement Day

An In Depth look at Cando’s New Tools for EDOs

Cando - New Tools and Services for EDOs

Corporate Canada’s Role in Procurement

EDO Access to Financing

Government Procurement 101

How to Leverage Procurement to Support Indigenous Economic development

Indigenous Participation Plans

Strategic Partnership Initiative - Overview and Discussion

The Procurement Master Class

Transforming Indigenous Participation in Procurement

Understanding the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Businesses (PSIB) and the Indigenous Business Directory 101


Links to Learning Symposium 

Accredited Training: Aboriginal Law & Policies

Additions to Reserve

Additions to Reserve (ATR) Policy Redesign

Additions to Reserve Policy Overview

AFOA BC Workshop

Appraisals on Reserve

BC First Nations Business Development Association Workshop

By-Law Development

Clean Energy for Indigenous Communities

Climate Change

Community Based Decision-making through Land Use Planning under Land Code

Community Engagement – Tips, Techniques, and Virtual Tools

Discover the Possibilities of a Co-op

Economic Reconciliation

Environmental Governance under Land Code

FNHA Sewage 101

ISC Economic Development Funding Best Practices

ISC Land Management Manual Update

Land Governance Authority, Committees, and Priorities

Land Governance Under the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management

Law Development and Enforcement for First Nations under the Framework Agreement

Making Economic Resiliency and Recovery the New Norm

Revitilizing Community Capacity in Agriculture & Food

Timber Permits & Environmental Review Process

Separating Politics from Business

Stronger Together: First Nation Municipal CEDI

Utilizing Government Funding for First Nation Economic Development, from the Applicant’s View