Additions to Reserve/Reserve Creation

Presenting Organization



An overview of the Additions to Reserve/Reserve Creation (ATR/RC) process will be presented, with reference to relevant policies and legislation.  The four phases of the process will be outlined. Challenges and opportunities will be discussed, as will the future of the ATR/RC process. Time for questions will be provided.

Participants will gain a high-level understanding of the ATR/RC process, the challenges it poses, and the issues their FNs are likely to encounter while engaging in the process. They will also learn some of the resources available to address the process's complexity.


  • Sean Thompson, ATR Program Specialist, NALMA

Speaker Biography

Sean Thompson is the ATR Program Specialist for NALMA and a former employee of Indigenous Services Canada. He trains First Nations across Canada in the ATR/RC process.  With ISC Ontario Region, he negotiated complex Addition to Reserve proposals and managed the First Nations Land Management Regime and the First Nations Commercial Industrial Development Act.