A Two-Eyed Seeing Approach to Better Understand Cumulative Effects

Presenting Organization

Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects (ICCE)


The Indigenous Centre for Cumulative Effects (ICCE) is a non-for-profit, non-political, independent organization that supports First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities to address cumulative effects issues. ICCE mission is to create networks, and to develop and share knowledge to empower community-based approaches to culturally relevant cumulative effects assessment, monitoring and management. In doing so, its goal is to support Indigenous well-being and decision-making. ICCE recognizes there is much to draw from both Indigenous and Western-based knowledge systems. Put forward by Elder Albert Marshall, Etuaptmumk, or Two-Eyed Seeing, is one of its core values. By seeing from one eye with the strength of Indigenous knowledge and way of knowing, and from the other eye with the strength of Western knowledge and way of knowing, ICCE is looking to help better manage the social, cultural, health, environmental and economic issues related to cumulative effects.  

First Nations Economic Development Officers and Lands Management Officers will learn more on Two-Eyed Seeing approach to better understand Cumulative Effects. The workshop will focus on discussing the theoretical and practical reasoning for Indigenous Knowledge and Two-Eyed Seeing to be highly relevant to the issues surrounding Cumulative Effects. It will also show success stories and practical lessons from First Nations communities. The participants will also be provided with the tales of successes and challenges of an Indigenous non-for-profit working on a Canadian scale while serving Inuit, Métis and First Nations communities. They will hear examples of Indigenous communities building and enhancing internal capacity of Cumulative Effects in their own unique ways.


  • Leea Litzgus, ICCE Executive Director
  • Sean Power, ICCE Executive Officer and Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • Paul-Antoine Cardin, ICCE in-house Researcher

Speaker Biographies

Sean Power

Startup founder. Indigenous executive. Focused on entertainment, AI, data, and gaming. Internationally published author (translated in 9 languages). Former member of MTV, Coradiant (acquired, BMC), Akoha, PostRank (acquired, Google), CoTweet (acquired, ExactTarget -> SalesForce), Dishcrawl (acquired, Dinner Lab), The Coveteur or Repable. Currently CEO & Co-Founder at SOMMS.AI, and part-time Executive Officer & Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the Indigenous Center for Cumulative Effect.

Leea Litzgus

Ms. Litzgus has been the Executive Director at ICCE since June 2020. She is leading the Centre in its mission to build and enhance Indigenous communities’ capacity for self-driven cumulative effects assessment, monitoring, and management. Ms. Litzgus previously held the role of Associate Regional Director General at Indigenous Services Canada in Ontario from 2011-2020. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Environmental Science as well as a Master in Urban and Rural Planning. Prior to her federal service, she worked as an environmental consultant in the private sector. She is Algonquin from Ontario.

Paul-Antoine Cardin

Paul-Antoine is a researcher at ICCE. He holds a PhD in geographical sciences from l’Université Laval (Quebec City, QC). In his role, he conducts research and educational activities on Cumulative Effects issues as they relate to Indigenous Knowledge systems. He has lived in Quebec City since 2006. He also feels at home while navigating the Sorel Islands archipelago, learning Spanish in the Argentinian pampa, and visiting friends on the shores of Pekuakami (Lac Saint-Jean).