Canadian Digital Adoption Plan - Show Me the Money!

Presenting Organization

The Canada Digital Adoption Plan Program (CDAP) & Jelly Marketing


Join Digital Advisor Darian for an interactive and lively sessions where we'll cover:

  • How to access up to $123,000 from the Federal Government from the CDAP Grant to utilize for businesses;
  • How easy the eligibility process is (More than 1 staff and less than 500 staff? Gross revenue over $500,000 and less than $10M? You're eligible!);
  • How to fully leverage all the $7,300 wage subsidies for existing and new staff - amazing employment opportunity;
  • How to leverage the CDAP grant to help you apply for CanExport grant.

This program helps grow business and connect them with the top digital tools available to ensure your company is in a healthy place. Participants will hear about the Canadian Digital Adoption Program from a leading Indigenous business and marketing expert.  Also, participants will be provided information on apply for the program and how this program can better position Indigenous businesses to be export ready.  This session will give EDOs, community leaders and businesses a greater understanding of the importance of boosting their on-line presence and the use of technology to communicate their interests.


Darian Kovacs

Speaker Biography

Darian is founding partner of the award-winning Digital Marketing and PR firm known as Jelly. If you didn’t already know, Darian brings unparalleled charisma and excitement to the brands that he popularizes (is yours one of them?). Known for off-the-wall ideas and fantastic stories, Darian’s energy keeps the Jelly bus rolling down fun and fabulous roads.