13 Things for Successful Economic Development

Presenting Organization

BCEDA / Cando


The reasons why a community engages in economic development activities vary greatly. Each community has unique characteristics and reasons for actively engaging in economic development. Communities understand the need to create economic diversity, maintain and expand infrastructure, create a sustainable economy and increase their ability to meet the needs of residents and businesses; they need to develop their economic development focus and goals.  The more you understand about economic development, the more effective you can be in supporting your community’s economic development efforts. 

This session is directed to all elected leaders including Chiefs and council members, economic development boards, partners, stakeholders and team members.  By understanding the key reasons communities engage in economic development activities, attendees will learn how to tailor their economic development strategies effectively. Through this session, participants will gain insights into the fundamental aspects of economic development, empowering them to support and contribute to their community's economic development activities. 


  • Dale Wheeldon
  • Colleen Bond

Speaker Biographies

Colleen and Dale have over five decades of extensive experience in economic and community development. Their collaborative efforts extend globally, spanning North America and beyond, where they specialize in formulating comprehensive plans and programs tailored to communities of diverse scales. With a proven track record, they engage with many organizations and agencies, delivering professional development training, such as Economic Development for Leaders, Economic Disaster Recovery, and Business Retention. They have an impressive portfolio, having authored numerous manuals and papers on economic and community development.