How to Set Up a Lands Office

Presenting Organization



“How to Set-Up a Lands Office” training workshop is intended to provide participants with a greater insight into the resources and tools that build an efficient and effective First Nation land management office.  It offers a holistic approach to better understand the fundamental concepts of what is required, why, and how to use the tools and resources competently.

What Participants will learn by attending:

  • Fundamental principles of a well-organized department
  • Value of long-term planning
  • Effective application of time and resources


  • Debra Campbell

Speaker Biography

Debra is a member of the Musqueam Indian Band in BC.  Her post-secondary education includes Business Administration, Facilitator of Adult Learning, Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer (PAED), bachelor’s degree in public administration and governance, and a master’s degree in education. Debra’s 40+ years in land management has primarily been with First Nations, as well as participating in projects, boards, and commissions.  For the past 18 years she has acted as the Master Instructor for NALMA.