Maximizing Community Impact Benefit Agreements & Indigenous Participation Plans

Presenting Organizations

Public Services and Procurement Canada, Cando, Acosys Consulting and First Nations Business Development Association (TBC)




Governments are requiring more Indigenous participation in major projects.  Communities that understand these requirements and agreements can position their communities and businesses for greater success. This workshop will provide examples of various agreements and requirements that a community should consider and discuss strategic decision-making that may impact how Indigenous communities participate in large projects. This workshop will be a continuation of the information provided from the Defining Community & Business Capacity to Unlock Opportunities session to speak to some of the method of using community data and economic development plans to position the community and businesses to work closely with government procurement and prime contractors to maximize community benefits from contractual requirements and obligations.  Best practices and lessons learned will be provided by presenters for consideration when a community is engaged by government to consider community benefit agreements.




  • Moderator: John Johnstone, Cando
  • Ryland Brennan, Senior Consultant, Acosys Consulting
  • Mike Bonshor, FNBDA
  • Kear Porttris, Porttris Consulting